Mission & Vision


Continue to strive towards excellence in design.

Make MSCEB synonymous with professionalism and quality.

Build relationships of trust with the world's leading design firms.

Enable MSCEB to be recognized as the standard of regional design in the Gulf.


We are committed to providing energy efficient buildings. An MSCEB building has environmental, economic and social elements that benefit the building owner, users and general public. It is our constant endeavor to minimize impact on the environment by implementing green building practices on site sustainability, water efficiency, energy performance, material selection and indoor air quality.

Quality Policy

The objective of MSCEB is to provide the range of Architectural and Engineering Services with a level of quality designed to meet agreed Client's requirements and to achieve local as well as international standards.

The quality and reliability of our services are the responsibility of all employees within the company. To meet these objectives, quality procedures are developed and implemented at all times. We periodically review our Quality System and revise it as and when necessary.

MSCEB is fully committed to provide adequate resources and trained personnel to ensure the Quality System is effectively implemented.